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What Is Nucca

Chiropractic Northbrook IL Nucca

NUCCA stands for National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association. NUCCA is an advanced specialized technique in Chiropractic that your Northbrook Chiropractor uses. With no cracking or popping the method focuses on properly aligning the entire body using a precise yet gentle correction to the upper neck. When the top bone (atlas) goes out of alignment, the head goes with it, causing the entire body to compensate.

The spinal column remains straight and balanced as long as the head is centered over the neck and the pelvis is directly under it. As a result of a misalignment, the head shifts off-center thus causing the pelvis to also shift. This is to keep the body as upright as possible.

To compensate for the change and to keep the body in balance, the entire spine begins to buckle. The muscles of the back automatically tighten to shift the pelvis to be as directly under the head as possible. This shifting of the spine can be the cause of:

Possible Symptoms:

  • Aches and Pains
  • Headaches and Dizziness
  • Neck pain
  • Low back pain/ Sciatica
  • Overall Fatigue
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Tingling and Numbness
  • Poor Posture
  • Scoliosis
  • Neck/Low Back Disc Injury
  • And Many Others
Chiropractic Northbrook IL Nucca Chiropractic Explanation

Imbalance shows up with one leg longer or shorter, one hip lower or higher, twisting of the body framework, muscular imbalance, abnormal movement, and over time, progressive wear and tear. With NUCCA, your Northbrook Chiropractors calculate the exact position the entire spine has tilted, shifted, or rotated from its healthy, anatomical position.

The Upper Neck In Northbrook

Chiropractic Northbrook IL Picture Of The Upper Neck Area

The NUCCA chiropractor recognizes that an imbalanced body position can cause stress, tension, and pressure on the entire nervous system, most importantly the brain stem. This is very important because our body shuttles millions of electrical and chemical impulses back and forth from the brain to every part of our body via the brainstem. Any restriction or distortion of those messages can affect every body's function.

If this distortion is not corrected, the long-term effect is degeneration of that part of the body and restricted messages. The NUCCA chiropractor understands and works to address these alignment issues with the NUCCA technique.

The main objective of a NUCCA Chiropractor is to restore the entire spine back to a balanced, unstressed position by removing pressure on the nervous system and allowing health to be restored to the body.

How Does The Atlas Become Misaligned?

Accidents and injuries throughout one’s life can create or contribute to a misalignment. The injury can occur from a sports injury, car accident, falling on the ice or something as simple as sleeping in an awkward position. Accidents and Injuries can tear ligaments in the body’s soft tissue and cause spinal instability, pain, muscle spasm, and stiffness. The body lays down scar tissue to stabilize the damaged area.

Accumulative repetitive stress injuries occur throughout one’s life, and left uncorrected, these small traumas can have far-reaching effects.

Results With The NUCCA Method In Northbrook

Since no two people are the same, no two spinal problems are exactly the same. Therefore, each adjustment is unique to the individual and is determined by an extensive evaluation process that includes specific x-rays. The x-rays are analyzed with great detail in order to determine the specific misalignment of the spine. Once the misalignment is detected, it is then corrected. The way to realign the spine is to precisely adjust the upper neck. The NUCCA chiropractic doctor then applies a slight pre-determined pressure just below the ear at the atlas vertebrae, the first vertebrae of the neck, to gently re-position the head over the center of the neck. This NUCCA re-positioning is what restores body balance and removes brain stem compression. The NUCCA chiropractor understands this and works to address alignment issues with the NUCCA technique.

When the muscles along the spine relax, it allows your body to gradually correct itself and heal. No other adjustment is as precise as the NUCCA adjustment, which allows for a correction to be made without any forceful twisting or cracking movements. Most people will see immediate results after their first treatment.


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