Chiropractic Testimonials

“Dr. Bloom was my last stop before surgery. I tried everything for 2 years to get rid of my low back pain. In a just 3 weeks Nucca and Dr. Bloom have changed my life, I no longer have back pain! I wish I found her sooner. I tell everybody about Nucca and Dr. Bloom!”

– Judy P., Highland Park, IL

“I was referred to Dr. Bloom by my internist to help with sciatic pain. It was my first time seeing a NUCCA Chiropractor. In just a couple of weeks my pain, which I suffered from for 8 years, was completely gone. I can walk long distances and wake up without any pain now. Just amazing! Dr. Bloom’s amazing!”

– Carol P., Wilmette, IL

“I suffered from headaches for 7 years. I had pain in my neck and shoulders that prevented me from sitting at my desk without being in pain. I still can’t believe such a gentle adjustment works so well. I feel great, I don’t suffer from headaches anymore and I am thankful for all that Dr. Bloom has done for me, I feel like myself again!!”

– Amy D., Northbrook, IL

“Before experiencing NUCCA, I always had back and neck pain, which often spread throughout my shoulders. I have pretty bad scoliosis which makes one of my shoulders sit higher than the other.

After my very first visit with Dr. Bloom, I felt completely different. It was incredible! All of my back and neck pain was gone and I feel great! My posture has improved as well. I’ve also noticed a boost in my energy levels and a lot fewer headaches since beginning treatment with Dr. Bloom. The results I’ve experienced are truly amazing and I would recommend NUCCA to anyone wanting to improve their overall health and get rid of their pain! This type of chiropractic is really wonderful!”

– Julie S., Glenview, IL

“I came to Dr. Bloom with neck pain and tingling down my arm. I even had to stop playing tennis because the pain was unbearable. After seeing Dr. Bloom and after a few Nucca treatments, I am now pain free and playing tennis again. I highly recommend Dr. Bloom!!!”

– John K., Winnetka, IL

“I had tennis elbow that would not go away. After only 3 Arpwave treatments the pain is gone and it hasn’t come back again. Remarkable! I recommend the Arpwave and Dr. Bloom to anyone!”

– Daniel W., Chicago, IL

“I was in 2 Car accidents when I was younger and felt fine. It was only 6 months ago that I suffered excruciating low back pain and was diagnosed with a herniated disc. It was so painful that I didn’t think it would ever go away. My sister swore by the Nucca treatments and insisted I see Dr. Bloom. After only several treatments my pain was gone! I continue to see Dr. Bloom when I feel a twinge. I am so thankful to have discovered Nucca and Dr. Bloom!! I highly recommend her!!”

– Lauren M., Kenosha WI

“I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and was suffering and struggling from chronic pain for the past 2 years before discovering Dr. Bloom. I tried so many therapies that I was skeptical when first trying NUCCA. Dr. Bloom was very warm and caring and made me feel like I was in the right place. I couldn’t believe how gentle and effective the Nucca adjustment can be. It’s changed my life and now I know where to go when I’m out of alignment! Dr. Bloom is great at what she does!!”

– Stephanie G., Arlington Heights, IL

“Before seeing Dr. Bloom, it seems like I was always in pain. I’ve been seeing Dr. Bloom for about 2 months now and am extremely grateful for how much she has helped my neck and low back. I’m able to do the things I want to do and get away with it! I feel well again!”

– Janet N., Long Grove, IL

“Dr. Bloom is exceptional! After a Nucca adjustment the pain in my low back disappears and I feel straighter more balanced! It’s still amazing to me how the atlas adjustment helps my entire body!”

– Cathy S., Evanston, IL

“Nucca has changed my life! When I first came into see Dr. Bloom, my whole body was leaning to the left, I just wasn’t straight. I had suffered from a herniated disc in the past and it would take months to recover. I new my disc was herniating again. A friend at work referred me to Dr. Bloom. I wish I went to see her sooner. I felt better and looked straighter in just days! Unbelievable!!"

– Robert R., Libertyville, IL

“I had injured my right meniscus skiing 2 years ago. I ‘ve been having knee pain ever since and it’s caused me to stop working out. After only a few Arpwave treatments, the pain was gone. I couldn’t believe it! Now I work out regularly and I tell everyone at the gym about the amazing Arpwave!”

– Carrie B., Waconda, IL


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